Local. Sustainable. Community. These are words we live by.

We source organic ingredients almost exclusively from local providers. Our nearest farm partner, Baia Nicchia Farm, is less than 10 minutes away in Sunol (see complete list of providers below). We work directly with each of our providers so we have confidence that every ingredient we use is from a sustainable and responsible source. The finest ingredients produce the best tasting dishes and sustainable practices are good for the environment.

We buy all of our meats from ranches that follow humane practices. We are committed to buy 100% of our meats from ranches that achieve an animal welfare certification recognized by REAL Certified and ASPCA® Shop With Your Heart by 2021.

We do everything possible to reduce our environmental footprint. We worked with the City of Pleasanton to create a pilot commercial composting program, and we compost all organics. Combined with recycling, we divert over one ton of waste from landfills every month. We use low energy lighting and are California State Title 24 certified for low electrical consumption.

The people of the East Bay are not just our customers, but our community – and we are here to support the community. We contribute one percent of our sales to community causes.

Job one is to amaze you every time you dine with us. We will always do that in a way that supports local businesses and the community, is sustainable and responsible.